...As Rev Luther prayed, we saw things happening. I saw the reality of Jesus in Rev Luther as he spoke and taught from the scriptures.

I finally understood what it was liked for the disciples to follow Jesus as He taught them the “Words of Life”.  The bible stories became alive as we toured the City of Jerusalem and then to Galilee region where Jesus spent most of his time on earth.  I learned the importance of pursuing after and listening intently to “catch the gold nuggets” that Jesus threw out at different times.

As Rev Luther prayed, we saw things happening.  As it was with Jesus and his disciples, so it was with us during the entire Israel trip. I saw the reality of Jesus in Rev Luther as he spoke and taught from the scriptures.

I am thankful to Jesus for the invitation to visit the Holy Land of Israel where God became man and dwelt among us.  The bible has become alive to me!

Stephanie Siak, Singapore 2014

…We started having supernatural happenings. That was so Exciting!

My spouse and I went in 2012 and from the outset of having the desire to want to go, we started having supernatural happenings. In fact, our whole Israel journey was one spiritual blessing after another and by the time we got to the start date of the trip, our whole trip had been paid for. We were blessed by others to go on the trip as well. Amazing!

There are many supernatural happenings and miracles everyday while we are there. One of the most significant amazing spiritual event during our trip was when we were travelling along the Galilee highway. Rev Luther suddenly announced that the itinerary will be swopped over the next two days. He said that it was going to rain the following day (the second day after today) and it would not be good to be caught in a storm on a boat on the Sea of Galilee. So the next day, we went out on a boat on the Sea of Galilee in glorious, beautiful sunny weather. On the following morning, I woke up to see a fierce Galilee storm. As I stood outside on the deck of the resort, I experienced the same Galilean storm as recorded in Luke 8:23. That was so Exciting!

Amanda, Singapore 2012

...I am utterly amazed to see the power, joy and strength of God, bestowed on Rev. Luther! Thank You Lord, and thank you Rev. Luther Doctorian!

The Israel Holy Land Spiritual Tour in June 2018, personally guided by Israel experienced, insightful, prayerful, and biblically knowledgeable Rev. Luther Doctorian, the singing Pastor, is such a glorious and enriching tour ever! This tour was full of insights and surprises, wonder-bible education, and enlightenment. It is really true that the Bible came alive and broke through for me and my husband Marshall during and after this blessed Israel Tour.

At all the different well-known biblical sites we traveled through, when I saw Rev. Luther standing and pouring his heart out to preach, narrate, and point us to Jesus is as real as I see Jesus the True Shepherd, most gently and lovingly, humbly and caringly preached to His people. Rev. Luther is a humble and true servant of God, a profound spiritual tour guide. The weather was beautiful daily, and some days despite the hot and scorching sun, we always saw Rev. Luther, tirelessly standing, narrating the biblical sites, and sharing loving messages of the coming Christ with me and my husband, Rev. Luther’s endearing Twins Children Joshua and Julia, and all the rest of our blessed group. Not once did we see Rev. Luther seated or wiped his sweaty face. Even on our tour bus, he would continually share God’s Word, brief us on the tour highlights, lead us to a time of worship singing, prayed for us and proclaimed the word G-L-O-R-Y… Glory! as led by Rev. Luther’s Twin daughter Sweetie Julia! I am utterly amazed to see the power, joy and strength of God, bestowed on Rev. Luther! Thank You Lord, and thank you Rev. Luther Doctorian!

Marshall and I have been deeply blessed and spiritually strengthened, by going on this tour conducted by Rev. Luther. We cannot recall a single biblical site where there isn’t something interesting to ponder on! Walking the Via Dolorosa, in the Old City of Jerusalem, made me feel the pain and suffering that Jesus undertook for us – that really hit me. As I walked under the hot sun that day, and as Rev. Luther pointed out the distance and the irregular stony path that Jesus took on with the heavy cross, the love of God for us overwhelmed me. How can one not love and believe in Jesus Christ, accepting God’s gift of salvation? God of miracles was in our very midst everyday while we were there. In the Upper Room where the Last Supper took place, and tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of the 120 who were praying, Rev. Luther preached a powerful sermon that,” We are all standing on Holy Ground, that the Upper Room is a Place of Power, and we shall receive Power from the Holy Spirit afresh and new, to be a blessing to our Jerusalem… etc.!” From thereon Rev. Luther led us to Singing “Come Holy Spirit I Need You”, and next he prayed and anointed each one of us with oil. When he laid his hands on me, I felt God’s Spirit flowing through and into me, causing me to praise Him instantly and wanting to draw close to Him by spending time in the upper room in my heart. I was trembling and my eyes were welled with tears of joy. Marshall was touched by the Holy Spirit too, I could see him bubbling with songs of Praise. Another weighty glorious encounter was during our water baptism in The Jordan River. That sacred moment as Rev. Luther prayed and immersed me in the water, after I made my declarations, I felt slain in the Holy Spirit and floating in the Spirit. My robe was dripping, tears of joy flowing as I came up out of the water. It was like God showed me all of my past have been carried down and buried on the bottom of the river bed, never to be seen again. Gone forever! I am forever grateful that my Savior The Lord Jesus, willingly entered into our wretched world to wash our sins away and guarantee us now and forever His forgiveness, His hope, His healing.

Hallel Yahweh (It means the Highest Praise we can give to God, as taught by

Rev. Luther!)

Dear Rev. Luther, you have put together everything inspiring and easy to understand in this entire spiritual journey, relating the many biblical sites to the Bible. Your deep insight of the Holy Land and much respected influence in Israel and the Armenian community, have favored our tour group to avoid security checks and waiting times at all the tour sites. Best of all we managed to catch a glimpse of “The Convent Armenian St Jacques Church”, and the Orthodox Armenian Service at the “Church of The Nativity” in Bethlehem etc. Marshall and I are grateful and appreciative of your labor rendered. I believe every member in our tour group, who experienced this trip, feels as blessed as we do. I can’t get Israel out of my mind! This trip has inspired me and Marshall to return to Israel again, and to know the Bible even better. It has also inspired us to spend time with God in the upper room in our heart. Rev. Luther, your forthcoming kindness and acceptance towards the two bystanders who requested you to also pray and baptize them in the Upper Room and The Jordan River respectively are highly commendable, I see the depth of Christ’s love in you. Praise Jesus!

People of God, make haste and sign up with Rev. Luther’s Holy Land Spiritual Tour if you are still sourcing around. As you take in the Sites, Sights and Significance guided by Rev. Luther, you will connect the dots and get to know the Bible from your heart and not just head knowledge. It is indeed a blessed trip. Our Good Lord Jesus Christ be Praised Forever! God bless you Rev. Luther, and may God prosper you and enlarge your ministry around the world for His Glory and His Honor! Shalom-Peace!

This is indeed a once in a life time experience to visit Israel. From Day 1 to Day 8, I was impressed by Rev Luther Doctorian’s tour management. Daily from breakfast, to site visits, to lunch, to site visits again, and dinner were greatly executed – right on schedule. All meals at both hotels we stayed in were fantastic. Even Falafels during lunch time were delicious. Not forgetting the sumptuous St Peter’s fish treated by Rev. Luther. With all the fabulous and historical venues that I witnessed, I had the best encounter during the water baptism service at The Jordan River. Every time we sang “He Touched Me”, I saw the heavens opened and angels descended with glorious harmonious singing. Many people were watching the event and I sang even louder praising the Lord. In conclusion, it was a great joy and experience for me and my wife Fiona. To God be the Glory forevermore! Amen!

Marshall and Fiona, Singapore 2018

...I had no clue what the presence of God felt like. When I went in there (The Upper Room), and my dad anointed me with oil, and prayed over me, oh my goodness, I suddenly felt God in the room and upon my life!

So, I want to share about my Israel Tour. My dad took and led a group to Israel from June 4-14. We had a good group. When we got off the plane in Israel, we went to my dad’s tour bus. IT WAS SO BIG AND REALLY NICE! (The Singaporeans come later). Any who, we drove all the way to our hotel, which was called Jerusalem Grand court hotel. We checked in, went to our rooms, and went to dinner, and we met the Singaporeans. They were super nice. THE DINNER WAS SO GOOD OMYGOSH! And all the food we ate on our Tour was delicious! So, that was the first night.

Now things get a lot more interesting. So, the first morning, we got on the bus, every morning, we sang “This is the day” in English, Armenian, and Indonesian. After, we drove to the Mount of Olives, where Jesus was lifted up to heaven. The panoramic view was very, very pretty. You could see the old city of Jerusalem from there!  And my Dad gave great explanations of Jerusalem. And I rode on my first camel ride. Then, we went to the outside of the old city, where we saw The Zion Gate, and The Golden Gate. We went to the upper room there, where Jesus sent his Holy spirit. Now let me tell you something. I had no clue what the presence of God felt like. When I went in there, and my dad anointed me with oil, and prayed over me, oh my goodness, I suddenly felt God in the room and upon my life. I can’t really explain the feeling. So, I started to cry. Happy, joyful tears. After, we saw the tomb of king David, the wailing wall, the pool of Bethesda, and via Delarosa where Jesus walked with the cross upon Him. We also walked through the entire old city of Jerusalem, through the Arab courter, then the Jewish courter, then the Christian courter and finally the Armenian courter, where we went to the Armenian Patriarchate Church. It was a good walk, but we made it.

On the second day, we went to the garden of gethsemane, and saw the rock where Jesus prayed that night. Then, we went to Golgotha, the place of the skull, were Jesus was crucified. We had communion there as well. The garden tomb was also there, and we went in the empty tomb, where Jesus rose from the dead. Later, we went to the museum where the dead sea scrolls are.

On the third day, we went to Bethlehem, and saw the Church of the Nativity, where an Armenian service was held there, where I saw the birthplace of JESUS in the exact manger. This was incredible! Next, we went to the Shepherd’s field, where the Angels of God announced the birthplace of Jesus. We also went to a great souvenir shop, where my dad got me a ring. It was a shorter day, but it was fun. And one of the days, my Dad gave me his microphone on the bus, and I gave a testimony of when I was in first grade in School, I shared about Jesus in my School to a friend and his whole family became Christians.

On the fourth day, we went and swam, or should I say, floated in the Dead sea. That was super fun! After, we went to Jericho, which is the lowest city on earth, where all the walls came tumbling down and we saw those rocks. We also went to Qumran, where the dead sea scrolls were found. Next, we went to Masada, where we took a cable car up to the mountain, which was so much fun. After that, we drove all the way to our new hotel in Galilee, called Gai beach hotel. The view was very beautiful, even from our hotel room, because The Sea of Galilee was right in front of us!

On the fifth day, we went to Nazareth where that great miracle happened and Jesus was conceived by The Holy Spirit. Then we went to Cana, where Jesus turned the water into wine, and saw one of the 6 jars that Jesus said to pour water into, and it turned into wine. We also went to mount tabor, where Jesus was transfigured. And we got up there and down by a snake path road which was fun. Then we went to the fountain where Gideon chose 300 men from it to go to war and won. We drank from it as well. It was gooooooood. Then for fun, I sat in the front of the bus, where my Dad sits to guide the Tour.

Day six. We saw the mountains of Lebanon, and saw the fresh waters that begin at the north of Israel. We also visited mount Carmel, where Elijah prayed for fire from heaven. We had a great view of the place, especially Megiddo valley, where the last battle of the ages will take place. We also went to eat St. Peter’s fish and me and my brother Joshua got coins in the mouths of our fish, which was really special! And my brother ate one of the fish eyes. After that, we went to the Jordan river. Eight of us got baptized here. When my Dad baptized me, I felt the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were all there as I rose from the water. From then on, my life was changed. And my brother Joshua was also baptized.

On day seven, we went to the sea of galilee, and we took a boat ride on the sea. We also danced on the boat to God with Christian music, which was fun. Next, we went to the Church of Beatitudes, where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount. Then we went to Tabgha, where Jesus multiplied the five loaves of bread and two fish and fed the 5000 people. Then we went to Capernaum, where Jesus did more healings than any other place.

The last day, day eight, we went to Caesarea, where the house of Cornelius was and where the holy spirit filled him and all his family up. And we enjoyed seeing the Mediterranean Sea as well! After that was the drive back to Tel Aviv, where we went to the airport. We flew 14 hours to get back home!

Anyway, this trip to Israel completely changed my life. Now, I feel God wherever I go. I also want to thank my Dad for taking me on this amazing Tour! Thank you Daddy!

Julia, U.S.A. 2018