This is my life verse,

“He (Jesus) must Increase, And I (Rev. Luther John Doctorian) must Decrease.”

John 3:30


Dear Viewer,


The Word Of God, in the book of Haggai chapter 2, and verse 19, says,

“From this day I will bless you."

By the Amazing Grace Of God, we welcome you to our website of ministry, which is God’s ministry.

We are so glad that you are here.

Our God is an Awesome God! And He is doing signs, wonders and miracles all around the world! Our prayer is that, as you view, read, listen, and scroll through our website of ministry, we pray that you will be Blessed, Encouraged, Edified, Spiritually Nourished, and your Faith in God will be Strengthened, and you will be filled with God’s Hope, God’s Grace, God’s Holy Spirit, His Amazing and Unfailing Love, His Joy that is unexplainable, and His Peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Lord Bless you.
In Serving God and His Glory Alone,
Shalom. Peace.
Rev. Luther John Doctorian
Founder and President of Luther John Doctorian Ministries



This is my life verse,